Sunday, April 15, 2012

Campaign Move 19

0800 to 1200 13 August 1813
8th French corps continued to retreat, pursued by 2nd Spanish corps.   The French were unable to stop and rally their broken brigades or attempt to organise a rear guard.

As they approached Flix there were confronted by 3rd Spanish corps.  They had also suffered heavy battle casualties, but unlike the French had started to regroup and reorganize.   They could field sufficient brigades to block the French.

Without a single operational brigade under his command General Harispe had no option but to surrender his corps to the Spanish CinC who accompanied 2nd Spanish corps.

Observing the surrender the garrison of Flix also laid down their arms and surrendered the town.   This brought the total of French brigades captured to six, more than one third of Suchet’s total infantry strength.

Immediately after the surrender Captain-General Copons called a face to face conference with General Elio and General Rosche to decide how to handle the prisoners and how best to exploit this magnificent victory.

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