Monday, April 16, 2012

Campaign Move 20

1200 to 1600 13 August 1813

Whilst 8th corps were surrendering at Flix, 16th Italian corps were fighting a desperate battle just 15 miles to the west at Mora.

The last thing that Severoli wanted to do was fight a battle.   His battered corps had suffered heavy casualties at Torrente, and had been retreating ever since.   The previous evening his corps started to suffer further casualties due to lack of supplies, and he realised he would have to either stand and fight or see his corps destroyed due to attrition.

O’Donnell was confident of an easy victory and anxious to achieve it before Captain-General Copons could arrive and claim it for himself.   Although one of his infantry brigades was still  on the march from Lerida he ordered the remainder of his corps to attack at first light.

By mid afternoon O’Donnell was aware that it would not be the easy victory he had anticipated.   Despite heavy casualties Severoli put up a stubborn fight.   The Spanish advanced bravely and inflicted further casualties on the Italian infantry.    By mid afternoon half of the Spanish infantry were in rout, and the Italian’s still holding their position in front of Mora.   Fortunately his missing brigade had arrived and was available for a final attempt to break 16th corps.

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