Saturday, April 14, 2012

Campaign Move 18

1600 to 2000 12 August 1813

Harispe continued to rout towards Flix, hotly pursued by British and Spanish cavalry.  
One of his infantry brigades were cut off and captured by the Spanish, and his corps artillery by the British.   All of his other brigades are in rout.  

Murray and Elio halt at Miravat to regroup.   Copons has called a meeting to decide what to do next.

In the north Severoli has decided to make a stand at Mora.  His rearguard have fought a skirmish with the advance guard of 4th Spanish corps.

To the south Halbert has been ordered to hold Tortosa.  Despite this he orders an attack on the bridge over the river Ebro.   Del Parque has deployed his corps to defend this river line, and his artillery are well sited to cover the bridge itself.   The leading French brigade suffers heavy casualties, and the remainder abandon the attack.

7th corps have finally arrived at Cambrils, but too late to support 8th corps.   Suchet has met with Munsier to decide how to react to the crushing defeat of Harispe.

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