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Second Miravat – Set Up

Strategic Map at 0800 12 August 1813
Campaign Background
8th French corps have forced 2nd Spanish corps to retreat west of the river Ebro, and have raised the siege of Miravat.   In doing so they suffered light casualties and halt at Miravat to recover and ensure that the Spanish do not move east of the river.

5th British corps have advanced north from Amposta and deployed on the north bank of the river Ebro, within strike distance of Miravat.  The French decline the opportunity to retreat to Cambrils, and after a short delay the British attack them.

2nd Spanish corps have orders to hold the west bank of the river Ebro, and to retreat if the French advance.  Therefore they are not part of the battle, and will only advance if they receive orders to do so from the campaign corps commander

 Tactical Map at 0800 12 August 1813

The battle will take place in the nine squares outlined in white.  

On the left general Elio has orders to hold the left bank of the river.

On the right general Harispe is deployed in and around Miravat. 
21st brigade of 17th corps, the garrison of Miravat, is under command

5th British corps are deployed north of the river, with their cavalry brigade in advance

Wargames table at start of battle

Miravat is the town in top centre

2nd Spanish corps is left of the river top left

5th British corps is advancing bottom centre

8th French corps

 8th corps is deployed above and to the right of the town and are on Hold orders
Miravat is held by 21st brigade, who have three casualties

5th British corps 

Deployed north of the river Ebro and  on Move orders
Corps advance in column of attack behind their cavalry screen

2nd Spanish corps

Deployed behind the river Ebro and on Hold orders
They have five battle casualties and are on Hold orders

Special Rules
2nd Spanish corps will not take part in the battle unless they receive campaign orders to do so.   The earliest this could happen would be at the start of move 5.

We are play testing new rules for command and control.
Each commander rolls an average dice and adds the number of brigades under command

The wargame rules can be found at

The latest entry is a draft of the new rules

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