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Second Miravat – Move 1

0800-0900 12 August 1813

  Table at the start of move 1
 Top Left – 2nd Spanish corps hold left of the river Ebro
Top Centre – 8th French corps hold Miravat
Bottom Centre – 5th British corps approach Miravat

  5th British corps
General Murray (Poor)
9 Command Points
Orders – Move to Miravat
Cavalry advance 12” towards French left
Remainder of corps advance 6” towards Miravat
Murray changes orders to “Engage”

8th French corps
General Harispe (Average)
11 Command Points
Orders – Hold Miravat
Artillery fire on 6th British brigade – out of range
30th brigade form square
32nd brigade about turn and move behind town to left flank
30th brigade retire 2” facing Spanish

Game Notes
Murray is aware that the French will want to protect their left flank, the road to Cambrils.   He sends his cavalry forward to threaten the road
The remainder of his corps advance towards Miravat

Harispe has placed his cavalry on his left to protect his line of retreat to Cambrils
As the British cavalry move to threaten the road, he orders his infantry to form square
He also moves one of his brigades from his right to his left flank

Artillery are not allowed to measure the distance to the target
If there are sufficient CP it is normal to fire once to establish the range
The artillery also have an angle of fire.
The British cavalry have advanced and are outside of that angle.

The French infantry are more than 16” from the nearest enemy, so they can have multiple moves.  This has allowed one brigade to take four moves to change from the right to the left flank.

Rule 7 covers artillery fire
Rule 5 covers multiple and normal movement

Wargame rules can be found at

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