Saturday, March 17, 2012

Campaign Move 15

 1600 to 2000 11 August 1813

General Murray orders his 5th British corps to cross the river Ebro just north of Amposta.  

Although 8th French corps are in nearby Miravat, general Harispe makes no attempt to prevent this advance. 

General Elio is just west of Miravat, holding the approach to Gandesa.   His 2nd Spanish corps have suffered heavy casualties in the recent battle, and he is not anxious to try his luck again against the French.

Elio and Murray have exchanged much correspondence in an attempt to coordinate an attack on Miravat.   First light will determine how effective there plans are.  
Much depends on the assistance 5th British corps can give to the Spanish effort.   Murray’s bold move has placed him in a dangerous position should Elio fail to support him.

On the other hand Harispe is also in an exposed position, and a very vulnerable one should the two allied corps coordinate an attack on Miravat.

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