Sunday, February 26, 2012

Campaign Move 12

1600-2100 10 August 1813
  Battle of Torrente at nightfall
16th Italian corps have fought a hard battle, but must withdraw during the night
They have suffered 7 infantry and 2 cavalry casualties

3rd Spanish corps have suffered too many casualties to pursue the Italians
They have taken 7 infantry and 1 artillery casualties

4th Spanish corps have not suffered any casualties
They are ready to pursue the Italians at first light.

This was a convincing Spanish victory

  Battle of Miravat at nightfall
8th French corps have taken most of the battle to reach the Spanish position
But once there they quickly broke the enemy infantry
They have taken 2 infantry and 1 artillery casualties to do so
Their gunners have routed and abandoned their guns

2nd Spanish corps had put on a brave face, but failed to deliver the goods
They have suffered 8 infantry casualties and two brigades are in rout
Although shaken their gunners remain with the guns
There is sufficient infantry and cavalry to cover the retreat

This was a convincing French victory

Battle of Tortosa at nightfall
17th French corps have not had sufficient time to close with the enemy
They have achieved a victory of sorts by driving the Spanish back to the bridge
They have not received any casualties during the battle.

1st Spanish corps have managed to hold the bridge
By a timely retreat they have avoided a major battle and probable defeat
They have suffered 2 infantry and one cavalry casualty
At nightfall all of their brigades are formed

This was an partial French victory

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