Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Campaign Move 13

0800-1200 11 August 1813

The three battles fought yesterday have had a striking effect on all seven corps involved.

In the north 16th Italian corps has managed to withdraw from Torrente, but have left one of their brigades surrounded at Mora.  

3rd and 4th Spanish corps must now decide how best to take advantage of this withdrawal.  

In the centre 8th French corps has forced 2nd Spanish corps to abandon their siege of Miravat and rescued 21st infantry brigade.  

In the south 17th French corps have reached Tortosa just in time to prevent its capture by 1st Spanish corps.  The Spanish have retreated west of the river to Amposta.   5th British corps is approaching Amposta and will soon be available to support the Spanish.

7th French corps is on the march from Barcelona to join the main French army.  

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