Saturday, February 25, 2012

Campaign Move 11

1200-1600 10 August 1813

  Battle of Torrente at 1600
Severoli has withdrawn his corps to a new position between the farm and the hill.   He must hold this position until nightfall

4th Spanish corps have occupied Torrente and deployed to the north to attack the Italian right wing.
3rd Spanish corps are moving to attack the farm

  Battle of Miravat at 1600

Elio has deployed his corps across the Miravat road. 
His infantry hold the northern hill
His cavalry hold the southern hill

Harispe will hold the centre and attack on his right
Two infantry brigades have been sent along the northern hill
Infantry and artillery advance in the centre
Lancers hold the left flank

Battle of Tortosa at 1600
1st Spanish corps had already crossed the river Ebro when they sighted 17th French corps marching towards Tortosa on the Cambrils road.   Both corps had their cavalry deployed to recce Tortosa.   The French chasseurs charged and routed the Spanish dragoons.

Del Parque deployed his corps between the woods and the hill, and his infantry to form square.

Halbert ordered the garrison of Tortosa to join the main corps, deployed his infantry in column of attack and advanced towards the Spanish.  

Del Parque immediately ordered his corps to withdraw towards the bridge.

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