Friday, February 24, 2012

Campaign Move 10

0800-1200 10 August 1813
Battle of Torrente at 1200

The battle started with general Severoli (top right) in full retreat to reach the Lerida road before 4th Spanish corps (top left) could cut him off.

This frantic retreat caught both Spanish commanders by surprise.   3rd Spanish corps were deployed in a defensive position to prevent the Italians from reaching the town of Flix (off table bottom centre).   4th Spanish corps (top left) expected to have to fight for Torrente (top centre).

Severoli ordered his corps to concentrate between the farm (top right) and the hill to the north of the Lerida road.   The slow response of the Spanish commanders allowed him to do so without any urgent pursuit.

4th Spanish corps occupied the abandoned Torrente and started to deploy to the north of the town to attack the right of the new Italian position.

3rd Spanish corps advanced to attack the farm from the south.

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