Saturday, February 4, 2012

Battle of Miravat – Set Up

Strategic Map at 1200 10 August 1813
Campaign Background
21st infantry brigade, of 17th French corps, have been under siege in the town of Miravat for eight campaign moves.   8th French corps have been tasked to raise the siege and rescue the garrison.

2nd Spanish corps have imposed the siege, and have deployed just west of Miravat to prevent the French from reaching Miravat.

  Tactical Map at 1200 10 August 1813

 Battle Area
The battle will take place in the nine squares outlined in white.  

General Elio has taken a blocking position just east of Miravat in H3
He has ordered 5th infantry brigade to maintain the siege
The rest of his corps to concentrate in H3

General Harispe is marching through Cambrils H5 on his way to Miravat.   
His cavalry brigade have halted in H4, having located Elio in H3.  
32nd infantry brigade are returning to Harispe and are currently in H6.  
They will arrive in Cambrils at 1600.

   Wargames Table at start of battle

Cambrils is on the right centre
Miravat is just off the table centre left
2nd Spanish corps is deployed left centre. 
6th infantry brigade is approaching top left
8th infantry brigade is approaching bottom left
8th French corps is moving through Cambrils left centre
8th lancer brigade is in the centre, just out of range of the Spanish artillery
32nd infantry brigade will arrive left centre at the start of move 5
2nd Spanish corps

General Elio is holding the Miravat road with his cavalry, artillery and one infantry brigade

8th French corps
General Harispe moves through Cambrils. 
His cavalry brigade is deployed in front of the town observing the Spanish
His order of march is as directed in the last corps orders received.
It is unfortunate that his artillery are moving at the rear of the column.
Special Rules
We are play testing new rules for command and control
The wargame rules can be found at
The latest entry is a draft of the new rules

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