Sunday, February 5, 2012

Battle of Miravat – Move 1

1200-1300 10 August 1813

Table at the start of move 1
Left – 2nd Spanish corps hold the pass leading to Miravat
Right – 8th French corps march through Cambrils to raise the siege of Miravat
2nd Spanish corps
General Elio (Poor)
7 Command Points
Orders – Hold pass
Artillery fire on cavalry, who are out of range
6th brigade (left) move 24” (three moves) to join main corps
8th brigade (right) move 8” to join main corps
8th French corps

General Harispe (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Move to Miravat
Cavalry turn left, move 16” and turn right to face enemy
29th and 30th brigade move 8” onto hill
General moves to command range (8”) of town
31st brigade advance 4” through town

Game Notes
Under the new wargame rule amendment both the corps commander, and each brigade, roll for command points.  
Each brigade rolls one average dice, with minus one for C class and each casualty.   A brigade with a high dice roll (6th Spanish brigade) who are also more than 16” from the nearest enemy can take three moves.   A low dice roll (8th Spanish brigade) can only move once.
The corps commander will normally use his CP to issue general orders to his brigades.   However he may join a brigade and use his own CP to make the brigade move, change formation or fire.  This is particularly useful if the brigade has no CP of its own.
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