Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Battle of Miravat – Move 9

2000-2100 10 August 1813
  Table at the start of move 9
Left         Spanish brigade on hill have orders to retreat, but must break contact first
Right       French infantry press home their attack

  2nd Spanish corps

General Elio (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – Retire to Miravat
Artillery fire on enemy artillery (total 5 – no casualties)
Elio moves to join 6th brigade
6th brigade retires (1”) facing enemy
Elio leaves 6th brigade and moves to centre of corps
Gunners manhandle guns (2”) away from enemy infantry
8th brigade (square) retires 2” to support artillery
7th brigade skirmish with 31st French (total 5 – no casualties)

  8th French corps
General Harispe (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Engage enemy
Harispe changes corps orders to “Attack enemy infantry”
Harispe moves to right flank to command infantry attack
29th brigade advance (1”) uphill and skirmish 6th Spanish
30th and 31st brigade advance to attack 7th Spanish
Harispe returns to centre to join shaken gunners
29th French skirmish 6th Spanish (total 6 – one casualty)
6th Spanish test morale for fourth casualty (total minus 1 – fail and rout)
30th and 31st French attack 7th Spanish (total 10 – French win)
7th Spanish rout and lose three casualties
30th and 31st French halt disordered
Spanish gunners test morale for rout within 4” (total 2 – fail and become shaken)
French gunners test morale for shaken (total 0 – fail and rout)

Game Notes
This final move has allowed the French infantry to close with, and rout, the Spanish infantry
Rule 11 deals with infantry skirmish combat
Rule 13 deals with infantry hand to hand combat
Rule 17 deals with reaction to rout
Rule 18 deals with morale
Wargame rules can be found at

Table at end of game
Left         Spanish infantry in rout
                 Spanish gunners shaken, but protected by square
                 Spanish cavalry available to cover night retreat

Right       French infantry press home their attack and rout enemy
                 French gunners have broken and routed leaving their guns behind
                 French cavalry await orders

Game Result
8th French corps have taken most of the battle to reach the Spanish position
But once there they quickly broke the enemy infantry
They have taken 2 infantry and 1 artillery casualties to do so
Their gunners have routed and abandoned their guns

2nd Spanish corps had put on a brave face, but failed to deliver the goods
They have suffered 8 infantry casualties and two brigades are in rout
Although shaken their gunners remain with the guns
There is sufficient infantry and cavalry to cover the retreat

This was a convincing French victory


  1. The first time my corps has won a battle, by itself, in two campaigns....and my artillery is STILL underperforming. I think out of the two campaigns, my artillery has done a total of two casualties. My bad luck seems to rub off on whomever is playing my army.

  2. Hi Justin

    if its any consolation the Spanish gunners performed even worse than yours!

    Both Spanish and French gunners are class B, and have an equal chance of scoring a hit. The Spanish could well expect that they might inflict casualties whilst the enemy get approach. This did not happen.

    Given that gunners require a total of 8 with 2D6 it is always going to be a matter of luck.

    I have designed the rules to make it difficult for artillery to inflict casualties. But on the other hand each casualty has a significant impact on the brigade concerned, and can have a drastic effect on nearby friendly brigades.

    We like the rules, and the strong element of luck involved. But I appreciate that they might not be to everyone's taste.



  3. Oh, I am not complaining about the rules, they work fine. I am considered a very unlucky player ( once rolled 36 dice to hit needing 4+, got 9 hits, needed 4+ to wound, got 0 wounds, with net result of 0/36 kills for one attack by a unit) and it appears that this has rubbed off on whomever is tasked to run my corps during the battles.

    In this case, I don't think my artillery hit anything and then routed while the rest of my corps was successful.