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Battle of Tortosa – Set Up

  strategic map at 1200 10 August 1813
Campaign Background
17th French corps had left one23rd brigade to hold Tortosa whilst they marched north to raise the siege of Miravat, which was held by their 21st brigade.   Before they reached Miravat they were ordered by Marshal Suchet to return to Tortosa as he believed it was about to be attacked.

1st Spanish corps had held the river Ebro bridge for some days, and observed the movements at Tortosa.   Their main objective was to hold Amposta until the arrival of 5th British corps.   Having received notification of the approach of the British they advanced over the river at midday with the intention of laying siege to Tortosa.

  Tactical Map at 1200 10 August 1813 

Battle Area
The battle will take place in the nine squares outlined in white.  

On the left general Del Parque is crossing the river Ebro in square L3, covered by his cavalry in L4

On the right general Halbert is marching south in square K5 and is now approaching Tortosa.  
The town is held by his 23rd infantry brigade.

  Wargames Table at start of battle

Tortosa is on the right
17th French corps is approaching the town from the top right
1st Spanish corps is crossing the river Ebro on the left

 Tortosa is held by 23rd French infantry brigade
  1st Spanish Corps

Corps is crossing the river in column of march.
The artillery is moving in the centre of the corps column
The corps cavalry are deployed to observe the French and protect the column

17th   French corps
Corps approach Tortosa in column of march.
Their cavalry lead the corps, also in column of march

Special Rules
We are play testing new rules for command and control.

The wargame rules can be found at

The latest entry is a draft of the new rules

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