Monday, February 13, 2012

Battle of Miravat – Move 8

1900-2000 10 August 1813
  Table at the start of move 8
Left         Spanish brigade on hill have taken casualties but remain firm
Right       French infantry exchange skirmish fire and prepare to attack

  8th French corps
General Harispe (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Engage enemy
29th, 30th and 31st brigades advance to volley range
Harispe moves to centre of corps
29th French volley fire on 6th Spanish (total 9 – French win)
6th Spanish receive two casualties, retire 4” and are shaken
29th French receive one casualty and are disordered

2nd Spanish corps
General Elio (Poor)
6 Command Points
Orders – Hold pass
Artillery fire on enemy artillery (total 12 – one hit)
French gunners test morale for first casualties (total 2 – fail and are shaken)
Elio changes corps orders to “Retire to Miravat”
7th brigade retire 2” facing enemy
Elio moves to join 6th brigade
6th brigade test morale for shaken (total 3 – pass test and become disordered)

Game Notes
French have won the first phase of the firefight

Spanish have retreated shaken, but managed to rally their morale
Despite this Elio has ordered his corps to retire to Miravat

The battle would normally end at 2000.
However both bodies of infantry are in close combat and neither side a clear winner
One more round will be fought to see if a winner can be found

Rule 12 deals with infantry firefight combat
Rule 18 deals with morale

Wargame rules can be found at


  1. Wasn't my straggling brigade supposed to show up by now?

  2. Hi Justin

    Your 32th infantry brigade arrived at H5 (Cambrils) at 2000 hrs. Too late to take part in the battle, but will be available when you write your orders for move 13