Saturday, February 11, 2012

Battle of Miravat – Move 6

1700-1800 10 August 1813
Table at the start of move 5

Left         Spanish wait for the French attack
Right       French are just outside musket range

  8th French corps

General Harispe (Average)
7 Command Points
Orders – Engage enemy
Artillery fire on 7th Spanish (total 7 – no casualties)
Manhandle guns 2” towards enemy
31st brigade advance 6” to support guns
Harispe moves to command range (8”) of hill
29th and 30th brigade advance 3” on hill
Harispe moves back to centre of corps

2nd Spanish corps

General Elio (Poor)
6 Command Points
Orders – Hold pass
Artillery fire on 31st French (total 5 – no casualties)

Game Notes
Both the French and Spanish gunners have performed poorly (both require a total of 8 or more with 2D6 for a hit).

Next move the French will be within musket range, and neither side has suffered a single casualty to artillery fire.

This is more of an advantage to the French.  They have better quality troops and a more efficient commander.   Both sides are evenly matched in infantry, cavalry and artillery.   So the odds are firmly with the French.

Elio is disappointed that his artillery have not helped to even the odds, but he now had no choice other than to stand and hope for the best

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