Friday, February 10, 2012

Battle of Miravat – Move 5

1600-1700 10 August 1813
 Table at the start of move 5
Left         Spanish wait for the French attack
Right       French move into position to launch their attack

8th French corps
General Harispe (Average)
8 Command Points
Orders – Engage enemy
Artillery fire on 7th Spanish (total 3 – no casualties)
Manhandle guns 2” towards enemy
31st brigade advance 6” to support guns
Harispe moves to command range (8”) of hill
29th and 30th brigade advance 3” on hill
Harispe moves back to centre of his corps

2nd Spanish corps
General Elio (Poor)
6 Command Points
Orders – Hold pass
Artillery fire on 31st French (total 7 – no casualties)

Game Notes
Harispe is aware that due to the late start of the battle he has no time to try anything clever.  He orders his corps to advance and engage the enemy
Elio does what the Spanish do best – he stands and waits.   With his corps in position he does not need to move any of his brigades.  He is hoping that his artillery will inflict some casualties before the French reach him.

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