Friday, January 13, 2012

Campaign Move 9

                                                          1600-2000 9 August 1813

General Severoli, commander of 16th Italian corps, has opted for an aggressive approach.
His corps started the campaign at Lerida, and he is responsible for the northern flank of the French deployment along the eastern bank of the river Ebro.

His 5th infantry brigade provides the garrison for his forward base at Flix.  
3rd Spanish corps have laid siege to Flix, and have cut their communications with 16th corps. 
Severoli reacted by ordering his corps to move to Torrente and sent a relief column to raise the siege.
He now finds that he has taken on more than he bargained for.  
3rd Spanish corps have taken up a strong defensive position just north of Flix, and refuse to give way.
4th Spanish corps are approaching Torrente, which is not only his forward supply base but also only line of retreat to the main French army.  
Severoli finds himself in a difficult position.
He must decide whether to attempt to save his infantry brigade at Flix, and risk losing Torrente.  Or to retreat to secure Torrente, but abandon his brigade at Flix.

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