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Battle of Torrente – Set Up

Strategic Map at  0800 10 August 1813

Campaign Background
General Severoli was tasked to hold the northern flank of the French army deployed to the east of the river Ebro.  He started the campaign at Lerida, with one brigade holding the town of Flix.

When news reached him that the Spanish general Rosche had laid siege to Flix, he ordered his corps to move west to Torrente in preparation for the relief of Flix.  He also based his corps depot there.
Reaching that town he made contact with a second Spanish corps in the town of Candosnos.

Severoli left one cavalry and one infantry brigade to hold Torrente, and marched south to Flix with the remainder of his corps.   On approaching Flix he was confronted by 3rd Spanish corps in a strong defensive position.   At the same time he received a report from Torrente that 4th Spanish corps was approaching the town on the Candosnos road.

Severoli ordered his corps to retreat to an area just east of Torrente, and the detachment there to abandon the town and join the main corps.   His intention was to concentrate his corps on the main road just east of Torrente and make a stand to cover his retreat.

   Tactical Map at 0800 10 August 1813
Battle Area
The battle will take place in the nine squares outlined in white.  

Severoli has ordered his corps to concentrate in B3
4th Spanish corps are marching towards Torrente.
Their 16th guerrilla brigade is in ambush in C1

3rd Spanish corps are in defence in D2 to block the Italian relief force
One of their brigades are earmarked to maintain the siege of Flix

The garrison of Flix are unaware of the approach of 16th corps, because the messenger was taken when he tried to pass through D2.

   Wargames Table at start of battle

Torrente is the town top centre

4th Spanish corps is approaching from the left in column of attack

16th Italian corps is moving in column of march to concentrate in the top right square

Guerrilla brigade on the hill centre left

3rd  Spanish corps deployed in defence bottom centre

Flix is off table in the next square behind 3rd Spanish corps

  3rd Spanish corps watch the Italian corps march away
   4th Spanish corps advance towards Torrente
Italians withdraw and abandon Torrente

Special Rules
We are play testing new rules for command and control.

The wargame rules can be found at

The latest entry is a draft of the new rules

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