Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Campaign Move 8

1200-1600 9 August 1813

Captain-General Copons is starting to panic. 

His four Spanish corps have not achieved much since the start of the campaign.

None of the French garrisons have fallen, and the only casualties to date have been Spanish.  

He is also aware that the French have had almost three days to concentrate.  He can not understand why they have not made any attempt to raise the sieges of Miravat or Flix.   He should be relieved at this inactivity, but finds it very disturbing.

He is still waiting for news of the eagerly awaited English landing.   He had expected them to arrive two days earlier, and the lack of contact is causing him to wonder whether they may have abandoned their plan to come to his assistance.

He has moved his headquarters south to Gandesa to be nearer to the coast and better able to meet with the English commander if, and when, he lands.  However in doing so he has lost contact with his two northern corps.

His corps commander daily reports cause him even more concern.  All four demand support as they are facing large bodies of the enemy.   Yet he is aware that when the campaign began there were only two French corps along the river Ebro.   So either his commanders are mistaken, or the enemy have already concentrated.

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