Thursday, January 5, 2012

Campaign Move 7

0800-1200 9 August 1913

The Spanish continue to gather west of the river Ebro.

The siege at Miravat continues, and a second one has been imposed 15 miles north at Flix.

The remainder of the Spanish army has not made any attempt to advance.
Meanwhile the French have not made any attempt to counter the Spanish advance, nor to raise the siege if Miravat, which is entering its fourth move.

This apparent inactivity on both sides is hard to understand.  

The advantage to the French is that once concentrated they will have a strong advantage over any Spanish corps they encounter.  However they run the risk of losing a full brigade should either Miravat or Flix fall to the enemy. 
It is true that the Spanish can not advance west and leave a French held town along their lines of supply.   It is also true, as they have found to their discomfort, that trying to storm a fortified town is a risky business.   However it is difficult to understand why they have not imposed more sieges. 

There are only two French corps in the front line, and they have managed to hold four Spanish corps for six moves, or two full days.

There is still no news of the long awaited arrival of the English army.   Hopefully when it does land it will inspire the Spanish to be more aggressive.

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