Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Campaign Move 6

1600-2000 8 August 1813

Both sides are aware that an English army is sailing north from Alicante heading for the north east coast.   Both are also aware that when it lands it will have a large impact on the campaign.   But neither side have any idea where, or when,  it will land.

Marshal Suchet has ordered his corps to concentrate, and is moving his headquarters west from Barcelona to shorten his lines of communication with his corps commanders.   He has two corps deployed along the west bank of the river Ebro, and is moving a third up to support them.   His fourth corps is also moving west, but has to keep garrisons along the coast until the English have landed.

Neither Suchet nor Copons will commit until the English have landed, and their indecision has infected their corps commanders.   The Spanish commanders are aware that they only have a limited time to take advantage of the wide spread French garrisons, but none have taken full advantage of it.

2nd Spanish corps has continued to enforce its siege of Miravat.  It is now entering the second day, and there is a chance of attrition amongst the garrison.   This in turn will make the odds better if the Spanish commander decides to attempt a second storm.  The pressure is also on 17th French corps to send a relief column to raise the siege.

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