Saturday, December 10, 2011

Campaign Move 5

1200-1600 8 August 1813
6th French chasseur brigade have orders to hold Tortosa.   They have occupied, but not garrisoned, the city and are observing the road from Amposta

1st Spanish dragoon brigade have orders to recce Tortosa and are on engage orders.   As they near the city the chasseurs deploy in line just west of the built up area.

The Spanish brigade commander orders his dragoons to advance, which prompts the chasseurs to do the same.

The dragoons are C class troops, which gives a slight advantage to the French horsemen.   They roll a three with 1D6, giving them a total of four.  This results in a draw.   Both are disordered.  The two brigades withdraw a short distance and remain facing either other.

Both brigades remain west of Tortosa, and both have maintained their skirmish screen

Campaign Rule 11 deals with cavalry v cavalry combat

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