Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Campaign Move 4

0800-1200 8 August 1813

The failure of two Spanish corps to storm a town held by a resolute French garrison has caused some alarm and confusion amongst the Spanish higher command.   The anticipated advance east destroying isolated French brigades has failed to live up to expectations.

Captain General Copons is not yet aware of this set back.  His reaction is likely to be loud and unhappy.

Meanwhile the Spanish corps commanders are aware that they have not yet managed to inflict any damage on the isolated French garrisons.  They are also aware that the French are now well aware of the Spanish advance, and are no doubt taking steps to counter it.

General Elio, commander of 2nd Spanish corps, has decided to try a different approach.   Instead of ordering a retreat after his unhappy experience of the previous day he orders his corps to impose a siege on the French held town of Miravat.

There is a lot of speculation about the anticipated arrival of the British fleet.   Since it left Alicante some days ago there have been reports of it being sighted along the whole of the north east coast.  

Marshal Suchet is well aware that General Murray could land his 5th British corps at any undefended port between Alicante and Barcelona.   This threat makes it very difficult for the French to concentrate to combat the Spanish advance.   Until the destination of the British fleet is determined he must hold a strong reserve to counter a landing north of his main concentration area.

The new day will no doubt lift some of the extensive fog of war.

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