Monday, April 30, 2012

Campaign Move 24

1600 to 2000 14 August 1813

Marshal Suchet called a meeting of his three corps commanders to decide how to proceed with the campaign.
7th corps had now received their fourth brigade and are at full strength.    General Munsier recommends continue to attack

16th corps are starting to arrive at Cambrils.   They have suffered heavy casualties and will require some days rest and reinforcement to become operational   General Severoli recommends a retreat to Reus or even Tarragona.   He reports that 4th Spanish corps are in hot pursuit, but have battle casualties

17th corps are one brigade short.   General Halbert recommends continue to attack   He reports that he has lost contact with 1st Spanish corps

Suchet is aware that if he moves west to engage 2nd Spanish and 5th British corps he will have to leave Cambrils undefended and at the mercy of 4th Spanish corps.

He is confident that he can defeat two allied corps and probably hold Cambrils against 2nd and 4th Spanish corps plus 5th British corps.  But if 1st Spanish corps moves north from Tortosa he is likely to face destruction and the loss of northeast Spain to the allies.
Just before 2000 a report is received from 7th cavalry brigade to confirm that 1st Spanish corps has entered Tortosa and is moving north towards Cambrils.

Suchet orders an immediate retreat towards Reus.   16th corps will lead, followed by 7th corps.   17th corps will form the rearguard

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