Sunday, April 29, 2012

Campaign Move 23

1200 to 1600 14 August 1813

Marshal Suchet met with General Severoli as the Italian corps approached Cambrils.   It was all too apparent that the Italians would require two or three days rest and reinforcement before they could become operational again.
Worse still, Severoli confirmed that 4th Spanish corps was close behind in hot pursuit.
Suchet was aware that Cambrils was now in immediate danger.   7th corps could hold 2nd Spanish corps at bay, but only until 4th Spanish corps arrived on the Mora road.
In the circumstances it would be madness to press home his attack on 5th British corps well to the west of Cambrils.
He ordered 16th corps to continue their retreat through Cambrils and on to Reus through the night.
7th corps would hold their position until the Italians were clear of Cambrils.  They would then fall back on the town and hold it until nightfall.

17th corps would immediately break contact with 5th British corps and retreat to Cambrils.   They would send one of their cavalry brigades south to determine whether 1st Spanish corps were moving north from Tortosa.
He would hold Cambrils until nightfall and wait to receive his cavalry reports before deciding whether to abandon Cambrils and retreat to Reus.

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