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Second Miravat – Move 8

1500-1600 12 August 1813

  Table at the start of move 8
Top Left – Spanish have received orders to advance and engage Miravat
Top Centre – French left have broken and routed, only two brigades remain on right flank
Bottom Centre – British cavalry start pursuit, infantry close on Miravat

Captain General Copons
4 Command Points
No orders

  8th French corps

General Harispe (Average)
7 Command Points
Orders – Retreat
31st brigade enter Miravat
29th brigade retreat 2”
29th brigade skirmish 6th British (total 4 – no casualties)

Test morale for routed brigades
Cavalry (total minus 1 – fail and continue to rout)
32nd brigade (total minus 4 – fail and continue to rout)
21st brigade (total minus 2 – fail and continue to rout)
30th brigade (total minus 2 – fail and continue to rout)
Gunners (total 0 – fail and continue to rout)

  2nd Spanish corps

General Elio (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – Engage Miravat
5th, 6th, 7th and 8th brigades form column of march to cross bridge
Artillery limber guns
Cavalry advance 16” towards Miravat
7th and 8th brigade advance 8” towards Miravat
Artillery advance 4” towards bridge

  5th British corps

General Murray (Poor)
10 Command Points
Orders – Engage Miravat
Cavalry advance 12” after routed enemy
7th brigade advance 6” in support of cavalry
5th brigade advance 4” towards Miravat
Murray moves to centre of corps
Artillery advance 8”

6th and 8th brigades advance and exchange volley fire with 29th French
British infantry test for result (total 9 – British win)
French infantry 3 casualties and rout
British infantry 1 casualty and halt

 31st French (in Miravat) test morale for rout within 4” (total minus 2 – fail and rout)

 Game Notes

The game ends with the entire French corps in rout

There are no French cavalry to cover the retreat, and there are both British and Spanish cavalry in position to pursue.   So it was felt that each allied cavalry brigade would forces the nearest French brigade to surrender during the pursuit before nightfall

British dragoons capture the French gunners
Spanish lancers capture 29th infantry brigade

Wargame rules can be found at

Table at end of game
Left – Spanish cavalry moving to cut off nearest French brigade
Top Centre – French left have broken and routed
Bottom Centre – British cavalry moving to cut off French gunners

Game Result
8th French corps have suffered the most comprehensive defeat of the campaign.
They have lost 10 infantry and 2 cavalry and have abandoned their guns
Every single brigade is in rout
They have also routed north and away from their lines of supply

The British have lost 3 infantry and 1 cavalry casualty

The Spanish have not lost any casualties during the battle

The allied cavalry will continue the pursuit until nightfall, and will take 8 more infantry and 4 gunners prisoner

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