Saturday, March 31, 2012

Campaign Move 16

0800 to 1200 12 August 1813
The appearance of the British just south of the town has not caused Harispe to alter the deployment of 8th French corps.   He has two infantry brigades facing 2nd Spanish across the river Ebro.  The remaining two infantry brigades, plus the corps artillery, are deployed to the south of the town facing the British.   His cavalry brigade is on his left flank protecting the Cambrils road
Despite no reply from 2nd Spanish corps Murray orders his corps to advance and engage Miravat.  
He orders his cavalry to engage the enemy cavalry.   This is a bold opening move.  If the British cavalry lose the melee it could halt the whole attack.   However they break the French lancers, who fall back in disorder.
The two French infantry brigades now form square, to prevent the British cavalry taking the Cambrils road.   Harispe orders a third brigade to move to his left flank to protect his line of retreat to Cambrils.   This leaves just one infantry brigade to prevent the Spanish crossing the river.
Murray orders two of his infantry brigades to support the cavalry, and the remainder to threaten the weak garrison of Miravat.
Throughout this period the Spanish stand and watch the proceedings.   He has suffered heavy casualties in the recent battle, and wants to rest his corps to recover before advancing to tackle the French again.
He is also aware that Copons, the Spanish CinC, is due to arrive shortly, and would prefer to let him take the decision whether to risk an attack or not.

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