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Battle of Tortosa – Move 2

1300-1400 10 August 1813
  Table at the start of move 2

Left – Spanish start to deploy just right of the river
Right – French deploy just above Tortosa

  1st Spanish corps

General del Parque (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Move to Tortosa
Artillery advance 8”
3rd and 4th brigade advance 8”
Del Parque moves to centre of corps
Artillery advance 4” and unlimber
3rd brigade advance 8” and form square
1st brigade advance 6”

Marshal Suchet (Gifted)
4 Command Points
No orders issued

17th French corps
General Halbert (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Move to Tortosa
Artillery advance 8”
Cavalry advance 6”
22nd brigade advance 6”
24th brigade advance 4” and form column of attack
Halbert moves to centre of corps
23rd brigade prepare to vacate Tortosa
Game Notes
1st Spanish corps have cleared the bridge and started to deploy to cover the crossing
Halbert is well aware that he must attack the Spanish without delay if he is to stand any chance of driving them back over the river Ebro before nightfall.
He has moved his cavalry forward to allow space for his infantry and artillery to deploy.   This has put the cavalry within range of the Spanish gunners, and he must hope that he will move first next move so that he can charge the enemy cavalry before the gunners get a chance to fire on his chasseurs.
Marshal Suchet is content to allow Halbert to command his corps and deploy for battle.
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