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Battle of Torrente – Move 8

1500-1600 10 August 1813
  Table at the start of move 8

Top left – 4th Spanish corps prepares to advance north of Torrente
Right – Italian corps is changing their deployment to meet 3rd Spanish flank move
Bottom – 3rd Spanish corps move to their right to attack farm from the south

  16th Italian corps
General Severoli (Poor)
7 Command Points
Orders – Deploy between farm and hill
Artillery unlimber
Cavalry turn right and form line
6th brigade turn right and form line
Severoli moves to centre of corps
7th brigade forms column of attack
Severoli has completed his redeployment

  4th Spanish corps

General O’Donnell (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – move to north of Torrente
Change orders to “Engage Enemy”
16th brigade advance 8”
15th brigade (in square) advance 2”
Artillery manhandle forwards 2”
14th brigade advance 4”
13th brigade prepare to move out of town
O’Donnell advances with caution

3rd Spanish corps
General Rosche (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Move to east of Farm
Change orders to “Engage Enemy”
Artillery fire on farm (total 4 – no casualties)
Artillery manhandle 2” towards farm
10th brigade advance 6” towards farm
9th brigade advance 8” towards farm
Rosche moves to centre of corps
11th brigade advance 6” towards farm
10th brigade skirmish with farm (total 1 – no casualties)

Game Notes
Both Spanish commanders have changed their orders to Engage, the attack has begun.   The choice of orders is shown in Wargame Rule 3

 Severoli is aware that if he waits for both Spanish corps to attack he will be strongly outnumbered.  He has decided to engage 3rd corps and hope to defeat them before 4th corps can attack him.    He has left his cavalry brigade on his right flank to slow 4th corps advance

 Rosche is aware that he must attack in support of Rosche.  But faced with the Italian cavalry, and without any of his own to counter them, he must advance with great caution.   He is moving his artillery forward protected by an infantry square to take them within range of the cavalry.  He will then hope to inflict casualties or cause them to withdraw.

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