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Battle of Torrente – Move 4

1100-1200 10 August 1813
  Table at the start of move 4
Top left – 4th Spanish corps move to the north of Torrente
Right – Italian corps take up position between the farm and northern hill
Bottom – 3rd Spanish corps advancing towards the farm
  4th Spanish corps

General O’Donnell (Poor)
7 Command Points
Orders – move to north of Torrente
13th brigade enter the town
Artillery move 16” (double move) and unlimber
15th brigade move 12” (double move) to support the artillery
16th guerrilla move 8” towards the town
O’Donnell concentrates on moving his artillery into position
He takes advantage of being more than 16” from the enemy to take multiple moves
He does not have sufficient CP to move all of his infantry
  16th Italian corps

General Severoli (Poor)
6 Command Points
Orders – Deploy between farm and hill
8th brigade moves into farm
Artillery unlimber facing 3rd Spanish corps
7th brigade form line between farm and artillery
Severoli moves to centre of corps
Cavalry about turn to face 4th Spanish corps
Severoli had a poor dice throw for his CP
He concentrates on his left flank as 3rd Spanish are nearer
His artillery and the farm should hold his left flank
His cavalry are moving into position to hold his right flank
Then he has to hold this position until nightfall

3rd Spanish corps

General Rosche (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Move to farm
Artillery move 4” and unlimber
9th, 10th and 11th  brigades all advance 6” towards farm
Commander moves to centre of corps
Rosche has rolled well for his CP
But he is unable to use them all because he is too close to the enemy for multiple moves

Game Notes

The new rules are working well so far.

The two poor corps commanders have had low dice for their CP, and have had to decide which brigades they want to move most

The CP for brigade movement is also working well.   So far all brigades have had sufficient to do everything they want to.  But this will change when the two armies are in combat, and brigades are required to move and skirmish or fire.

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