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Battle of Torrente – Move 3

1000-1100 10 August 1813
  Table at the start of move 3
The Italian retreat has moved the centre of the battle to the north
Three squares have been removed at the bottom, and three added to the top

Top left – 4th Spanish corps enter Torrente and deploy to the south
Centre – Italian corps are deploying between the farm and the northern hill
Bottom – 3rd Spanish corps advancing towards the farm

  16th Italian corps
General Severoli (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – move to Lerida road

Severoli has chosen to defend between the farm and the northern hill
He changes his orders to “deploy between the farm and the hill”
7th brigade move 8” to form left of line
8th brigade move 8” to occupy farm
6th brigade move8” to form right of line
Artillery move 8” to form centre of line
Cavalry brigade move 16”to form extreme left flank
By moving first Severoli signals his new defence line to the Spanish

  4th Spanish corps
General O’Donnell (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – move to Torrente
The Italian redeployment is obvious to O’Donnell
He issues new orders “move to north of Torrente”
16th guerrilla brigade move 8” (double move) off hill towards main corps
Artillery limber and move 8” towards north of town
Commander moves to centre of corps
It will take a little time for O’Donnell to redeploy north of town

3rd Spanish corps

General Rosche (Average)
6 Command Points
Orders – Move to farm

The Italian redeployment does not make any difference to Rosche
His corps is already under orders to move towards the farm
Artillery advance 8"
11th brigade form column of attack from square and advance 8”
10th brigade advance 8”
9th brigade advance 16” (two CP)
Rosche moves to centre of corps
Game Notes

The guerrillas require two moves to move off the hill into the valley. 
This is because movement on hills is at half normal rate
Rule 5 covers movement in difficult terrain

It takes 3 CP for a Poor commander to change his corps orders, but only 2CP for an Average commander.
Rule 2 covers change of corps orders

The Spanish can have multiple moves because the Italian’s are now more than 16” away.
Rule 3 covers multiple moves

The Italian retreat has taken them to the northern edge of the table. 
The subsequent advance of 3rd Spanish corps has taken them into the centre squares
As a result the top bottom three squares have been removed
The remainder have been moved down
Three new squares have been added to the top
The new squares are A1, A2 and A3 on the tactical map
Wargame rules can be found at

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