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Battle of Torrente – Move 10

1700-1800 10 August 1813
  Table at the start of move 10
Top left – 4th Spanish corps advance in square towards Italian cavalry
Right – Italian corps have redeployed to meet 3rd Spanish flank move
Bottom – 3rd Spanish corps advance to attack farm

  4th Spanish corps

General O’Donnell (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – Engage Enemy
Artillery fire on Italian cavalry (total 3 – no casualty)
14th and 15th brigades advance 2” in square
Artillery manhandle forward 2”
13th brigade move out of town
O’Donnell moves to centre of corps
16th brigade move 7” (double move) on hill

  16th Italian corps

General Severoli (Poor)
8 Command Points
Orders – Hold Farm
Artillery fire on 9th Spanish (total 10 – one casualty)
9th Spanish test morale for casualty (total 6 – pass test)
Artillery limber
Severoli moves to centre of corps
7th brigade advance 4”
7th brigade skirmish with 11th Spanish (total 5 – no casualty)

3rd Spanish corps
General Rosche (Average)
7 Command Points
Orders – Engage Enemy
Artillery fire at close range on farm (total 8 – one casualty)
Garrison of farm test morale for casualty (total 5 – pass test)
9th brigade advance 4” (within 2” of farm)
10 brigade advance 6”
Rosche moves to command his right wing
10th and 11th brigades skirmish 7th Italian (totals 7 and 6 – two casualties)
7th Italian test morale for two casualties (total 4 – pass test)
9th brigade skirmish with garrison (total 4 – no casualties)

 Game Notes
O’Donnell moves his corps forward in square because of the enemy cavalry.  He can only move his squares 2” each move, so is unlikely to close with the enemy before nightfall.

Volley fire is not allowed against hard cover, only skirmish fire

Infantry must be less than 4” to skirmish, and less than 2” to volley fire.

Skirmish fire requires a total of 6 to inflict a casualty

10th and 11th Spanish brigades are winning their skirmish fight with 7th Italian brigade.   They rolled a 5 and 6 (plus 1 for C class skirmishers) to achieve two hits.   7th brigade rolled a 3 (plus 2 for B class skirmishers) and failed to inflict any casualties.

Rule 11 covers infantry skirmish combat

Wargame rules can be found at

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