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Battle of Mora – Set Up

  strategic map  at 0800 13 August 1813
Campaign Background
16th Italian corps has been retreating for three days since the battle of Torrente.   For all of that period 4th Spanish corps have been in pursuit, so the Italians have not had any opportunity to rest and recover their battle casualties.

They also lost their supply depot at Torrente, and have been on half rations since Torrente.   As a result have started to lose more casualties due to lack of supplies.
General Severoli has ordered a halt at Mora in order to establish a supply depot, and to give his corps a chance to rest.  

4th Spanish corps are at full strength, though one of their brigades are one march behind having established their supply depot at Lerida.  

  tactical map at 0800 13 August 1813
The battle will take place in the nine squares outlined in white.  
General Severoli has deployed his corps just north of Mora

General O’Donnell is marching towards Mora from Lerida, where his 16th brigade has established the new supply depot.
  Wargames Table at start of battle
Mora is bottom centre on the cross roads

4th Spanish corps is approaching top centre

  16th Italian corps

All brigades are formed, but all have casualties as follows:

6th infantry brigade  - 2 casualties
7th infantry brigade  - 5 casualties
8th infantry brigade  -1 casualty
16th cavalry brigade  - 2 casualties
Corps artillery -  full strength

4th Spanish corps

Marching south on Torrente-Mora road in column of march

Special Rules
5th Italian infantry brigade is detached and not taking part in this battle

16th Spanish infantry brigade will arrive on the Torrente-Mora road at the start of move 5

We are play testing new rules for command and control.
Each commander rolls an average dice and adds the number of formed brigades under command
The wargame rules can be found at

The latest entry is a draft of the new rules

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