Monday, March 26, 2012

Second Miravat – Move 6

1300-1400 12 August 1813

Table at the start of move 6
Top Left – Spanish remain watching the battle from the left bank of the river Ebro
Top Centre – French cavalry move forward to support left flank
Bottom Centre – British infantry skirmish with French left flank
8th French corps
General Harispe (Average)
12 Command Points
Orders – Hold Miravat
21st brigade move out of town on Cambrils road
30th and 32nd brigades retreat 2” in square
Cavalry advance 4” to protect Cambrils road
Harispe moves to right flank
29th and 31st brigades retreat 3” in line facing enemy
Harispe returns to left flank
30th brigade test morale for being shaken (total 3 – pass test become disordered)
5th British corps

General Murray (Poor)
6 Command Points
Orders – Engage Miravat
6th and 8th brigades advance 6” towards town
Murray moves to centre of corps
5th brigade advance 3” and form line
Dragoons charge lancers
Lancers test to counter charge (total 1 – fail and accept charge at halt)
Dragoons win combat test and roll for effect (total 12)
Lancers receive another casualty and rout
32nd French test morale for rout within 4” (total 1 – fail become shaken)
Dragoons test to pursue (total 1 – fail remain stationary and disordered)

Game Notes
Harispe accepts that he has lost the battle and orders a withdrawal along the Cambrils road.    To do so he will have to hold the road, and he moves his lancers forward to do so.
British dragoons again charge the lancers, and again win the melee.   Lancers rout

British infantry advance to musket range of French square and deploy into line ready to fire a volley next turn

The table will have to be extended to the north next move to bring the centre of the battle into the middle of the table.

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