Thursday, March 22, 2012

Second Miravat - Move 3

1000-1100 12 August 1813
Table at the start of move 3
Top Left – 2nd Spanish corps hold left of the river Ebro
Top Centre – 8th French corps have just one brigade facing the Spanish
Bottom Centre – British cavalry have withdrawn but still threaten French left

  5th British corps

General Murray (Poor)
9 Command Points
Orders – Engage Miravat
Artillery fire on 30th French (total 4 – no casualties)
Artillery manhandle 2” towards Miravat
Remainder of corps advance 6” towards town
6th brigade test morale for shaken (total 5 – pass morale become disordered)

8th French corps

General Harispe (Average)
10 Command Points
Orders – Hold Miravat
Artillery fire on 6th British (total 5 – no casualties)
30th brigade retreat 2” in square
Lancers test morale for rout (total 5 – pass test become shaken)
Game Notes
Murray is nearing Miravat and enters the most critical part of the attack
Although his cavalry have forced the enemy infantry into square, he is still weaker than the French corps.  
There is no direct communication between the British and the Spanish, so he does not know whether they will move to support him or not.
If they do, they are faced with a singe French brigade, and a convincing victory seems certain. 
If not the French may well hold and inflict a serious defeat on the British

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