Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Battle of Tortosa – Move 7

1800-1900 10 August 1813
Table at the start of move 7

Left – Spanish artillery withdraw to bridge covered by an infantry square
Right – French corps advance towards the bridge

1st Spanish corps
General del Parque (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Retreat to bridge
3rd infantry change from square to column of march and withdraw 4”
Artillery retire 4” and unlimber
4th infantry change from column of attack to line
1st infantry retire 2” in square
2nd infantry change formation from square to line
Del Parque moves to centre of corps
Del Parque changes orders to “Hold bridge”
17th French corps
General Halbert (Average)
8 Command Points
Orders – Engage enemy
Cavalry form line and advance 4” to edge of hill
Artillery fire on 3rd Spanish (total 10 – one casualty)
3rd Spanish test morale for first casualty (total 1 – fail and become shaken)
22nd and 24th infantry advance 6”
Artillery manhandle forward 2”
Halbert moves to centre of corps
23rd infantry advance 6”

Marshal Suchet (Gifted)
3 Command Points
Moves to join Halbert

Game Notes
The Spanish are now in position at the bridge
By moving first 3rd infantry have managed to withdraw out of French canister range
1st infantry has remained in square to protect the left flank and their cavalry
The remainder have formed line to provide better fire power
Halbert is now within artillery range
His infantry are advancing but still out of musket range

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