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Battle of Tortosa – Move 5

1600-1700 10 August 1813
Table at the start of move 5
Left – Spanish corps starts to withdraw towards the bridge
Right – French corps have formed column and are starting to follow the enemy

Marshal Suchet (Gifted)
4 Command Points
Moves to join Halbert
Changes corps orders to “Advance to bridge”
17th French corps

General Halbert (Average)
9 Command Points
Orders – Advance to bridge
22nd, 23rd and 24th brigade all advance 6”
Artillery advance 8”
Halbert moves to command range (8”of cavalry)
Cavalry turn right and move towards hill

1st Spanish corps
General del Parque (Average)
10 Command Points
Orders – Retreat to bridge
Artillery limber and retreat 4”
1st and 3rd brigades retreat 2” in square
4th brigade retreats 6” to bridge
2nd brigade forms column of attack and retreats 3”
Cavalry move 12” towards left flank
Del Parque moves to join shaken cavalry
Cavalry test morale for shaken (total 8 – pass and become disordered)
Game Notes
Del Parque has broken contact and is withdrawing his corps to take up a new position at the bridge. 
Halbert has ordered his cavalry to move to the hill and advance to threaten the enemy left flank. 
By moving on the hill they can avoid enemy artillery fire.
The sequence of morale is formed-disordered-shaken-rout.  
A morale test is required to move from rout to shaken and shaken to disordered
At the end of each move sequence disordered automatically become formed.
Rule 18 deals with morale

Wargame rules can be found at

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