Monday, November 28, 2011

Campaign Move 2

1200-1600 7 August 1813
The four Spanish corps cross the river Ebro and advance east

By mid afternoon they are in contact with the first line of French garrisons and cavalry patrols. 

Each garrison has a prearranged alarm signal system to notify their corps commander that they are under attack.   A small town has sufficient supplies to withstand a siege for six days.   None are further than two days from support.

A Spanish commander could order an assault on the garrison, but it is unlikely to succeed against a full strength garrison.

It is obvious to Marshal Suchet that he cannot effectively command his army from Barcelona.   He orders his headquarters to move from Barcelona to Tarragona, and rides ahead with a small mounted escort.  

Campaign Note
The Spanish commanders must decide how to best take advantage of the temporary isolation of the French garrisons.  

The French commanders must decide whether to withdrawn their garrisons, move to their support with the available brigades or leave the garrisons to fend for themselves until they can concentrate their corps.

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