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1813 Magdeburg Campaign

1 to 16 May 1813
Northern Germany 1 May 1813
This is the first phase of the 1813 campaign
It covers the period 1 to 16 May 1813 and the fighting in northern Germany between Second French army and the Prussian army
It was fought during the period April to July 2009
Corps deployment at start of campaign
Summary of the Campaign
Prussia had not taken part in the 1812 campaign, so it was the first of the allied armies to take the field against Napoleon.
Davout was tasked to hold the river Elbe from Hamburg to Magdeburg.   He had two corps immediately available, and two more on the way
Blucher’s objective was to capture Magdeburg and secure the west bank of the river Elbe.
After two weeks and four battles Blucher held Magdeburg and two other bridge heads over the river Elbe.  But his main army had been forced to withdraw to the west bank. 
The campaign was a draw
 Battles fought during campaign
Campaign History
1 May              Start of campaign                     
5 May              Battle of Calbe (Gommern on new map)                       Prussian victory
7 May              Battle of Colbitz (Bismark on new map)                        Prussian victory
10 May            Battle of Halbeck (Kalbe on new map)                         Prussian victory
14 May            Battle of Magdeburg                                                     French victory
16 May            End of campaign
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