Sunday, November 13, 2011

1813 Halle Campaign

17 June to 11 July 1813
Central Germany 17 June 1813
This is the third phase of the 1813 campaign
It covers the period 17 June to 11 July 1813 and the fighting in central Germany between Fourth French army and the Russian army
It was fought during the period August to October 2009
 Corps deployment at start of campaign 
Summary of the Campaign 
Kutuzov had played a major part in the 1812 campaign and his army had suffered heavy casualties.   After six months rest in Dresden his army was now ready to take the field again.
His objective was to take the town of Halle and secure the river Saale.
Napoleon had two corps west of the river Saale, and a third in reserve.  He had just arrived at Fulda to take command of the Imperial Garde
The Russian attack forced the French to abandon the east bank, and Kutuzov managed to cross the river.   But a determined counter attack made them retire to the east bank.
The campaign was a draw.   The French held the line of the river Saale, but they had to abandon their positions on the east bank.
 Battles fought during campaign 
Campaign History 
17 June            Start of campaign
23 June            Battle of Neustadt                     Russian victory
25 June            Battle of Gera                           Russian victory
26 June            Battle of Weimar                      French victory
28 June            Battle of Lutzen                        Russian victory
1 July               Battle of Rohenburg                  Russian victory
7 July               Battle of Halle                           French Victory                        

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